Games in New Australian Casinos

Games in New Australian Online Casinos

Magnificent games for Australian players

The online gambling industry moves billions of dollars between punters and casinos every year. You get to enjoy an exciting past-time while possibly winning huge jackpot prices – it’s easy to see why online gambling is so popular.

To help you get your hands on a slice of that winning pie, we have put together a detailed article that teaches you everything you need to know to play the most popular online casino games.  Not only have we shown you how to play the games to win, but we have also provided you with a list of games you should play to have the highest chance of winning. And lastly, we give you a list of bonuses to look out for to increase your bankroll and get free money to win even more prizes.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Here you will find a list of the most played games in new Australian online casinos that have passed our fairness test. We received a large number of requests to create this section and readers asked us to focus on our favorite video slots, which the Australians nicely call pokies. We have carefully studied all new online gambling brands in Australia and tested many of them not only in demo mode, but also for real money. It remains important for us to pay attention to the RTP of slots, graphics, the number of lines for bets, spin speed, soundtrack, adaptation for various browsers and devices, and the developer’s reputation. And here’s what we have chosen for you:


Top 21 Featured Slots in New Casinos Australia

Aloha King Elvis Aloha King Elvis

⚙ Software: Bgaming

🔗 RTP: 94.9%%

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Book of Cats Book of Cats

⚙ Software: Bgaming

🔗 RTP: 94%%

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Dig Dig Digger Dig Dig Digger

⚙ Software: Bgaming

🔗 RTP: 95.5%%

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Lucky Scarabs Lucky Scarabs

⚙ Software: Booming Games

🔗 RTP: 95.39%%

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Jolly Treasures Jolly Treasures

⚙ Software: Evoplay

🔗 RTP: 96%%

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Wheel of Time Wheel of Time

⚙ Software: Evoplay

🔗 RTP: 96.20%%

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Western Gold Megaways Western Gold Megaways

⚙ Software: iSoftBet

🔗 RTP: 95.98%%

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Valley Of The Gods Valley Of The Gods

⚙ Software: Yggdrasil

🔗 RTP: 96.2%%

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Neon Rush Neon Rush

⚙ Software: Yggdrasil

🔗 RTP: 96.3%%

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Crazy Jelly Crazy Jelly

⚙ Software: Platipus

🔗 RTP: 94.01%%

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Wolf Saga Wolf Saga

⚙ Software: Booongo

🔗 RTP: 95%%

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Gold Digger Gold Digger

⚙ Software: Isoftbet

🔗 RTP: 96%%

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Lucky Lady Moon Lucky Lady Moon

⚙ Software: Bgaming

🔗 RTP: 97%%

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Power of Gods: Hades Power of Gods: Hades

⚙ Software: Wazdan

🔗 RTP: 96.14 %%

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Fruit Crown: 100 Lines Fruit Crown: 100 Lines

⚙ Software: Playson

🔗 RTP: 96.42%%

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Golden Gallina Golden Gallina

⚙ Software: Isoftbet

🔗 RTP: 96%%

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Aztec Sun Hold and Win Aztec Sun Hold and Win

⚙ Software: Booongo

🔗 RTP: 95.33%%

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15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win 15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win

⚙ Software: Booongo

🔗 RTP: 95%%

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Fruit Super Nova 60 Fruit Super Nova 60

⚙ Software: Evoplay

🔗 RTP: 96.05%%

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Charms And Clovers Charms And Clovers

⚙ Software: BSG

🔗 RTP: 96.31%%

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Fruit Zen Fruit Zen

⚙ Software: BSG

🔗 RTP: 95.96%%

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So what to play at new Aussie online casinos?

The online casino world has a vast collection of games for you to enjoy. Here is a list of 8 of the most popular games enjoyed by Aussie punters.


Online pokies are the digitized version of the traditional slot machines you find on casino game floors. In its most basic form, a pokies machine has three reels with symbols that spin once the player places a bet. You win when the symbols displayed on each reel match a winning pattern pre-determined by the casino.

Since online pokie machines do not have the same limitations as their physical counterparts, there is no technical limit to the number of images a reel can have or the number of reels a machine can spin. There can be up to 7 reels with over 50 symbols on each reel.

A line is a row of symbols displayed on the screen across all reels when they have stopped spinning. Players are encouraged to bet on the outcomes of multiple lines instead of just the middle line of each reel. The more lines you bet on as a player, the higher your chances of betting on a line with a winning combination.

There are different types of games to play in online casino pokies.

–   Straight Slots: Also referred to as straight multipliers, this type of machine has a fixed payout.
–   Bonus Slots: Also referred to as bonus multiplier, they have a fixed payout like a straight slots machine, except you can win bonus amounts if you place the maximum amount for your bets.
–   Progressives: A percentage of every bet is added to the jackpot. The more losing bets that are placed, the larger the jackpot until someone gets lucky and wins all that money.
–   Wild Symbols: A number of symbols on the spinning reels are considered wild, which means their value can be swapped for another symbol to make a winning combination.
–   Bonus Games: To make things interesting, some online pokie machines have a bonus game in the middle of a turn to give players an opportunity to grow their winnings exponentially.
–   Multiple Pay lines: Traditional pokie machines only allowed players to bet on the outcome of one line. With the digitization of the game, players can now bet on several different lines at once.

🎰 Top 3 New Online Casinos to play Pokies:


When playing Baccarat, you have two options to wager on – the player hand and the banker hand. You simply choose which hand you believe will be the winner and place your bet. Two pairs of cards are drawn and kept face down. 
Once the cards are flipped, the cards are tallied with their pre-assigned values. J, Q, K, and 10 all have a value of zero points. Ace has a value of one point, and the rest of the cards have the same value as the card number. If two cards add up to double figures, the second number is the hand’s value. For example, if the tally is 17 then that hand is worth 7.
The winning bet is placed on the hand whose tally comes closest to or ends on 9.
There are 3 main online baccarat variations.
–   Traditional Baccarat: As the name suggests, the variation is played with a single deck of 32 cards.
–   High Limit Baccarat: This variation can be played with up to 8 complete decks of 52 cards each. The perk here is you get to peak at the hand you wagered on before dealing any further.
–   Baccarat Gold: This variation also uses 8 decks of 52 cards. The only difference is that the house edge between the Player and Banker is brought as close as possible to provide a more even field for punters.

🎰 Amazing online casinos to play Baccarat:

Casitsu Casino

100% up to €/$ 300 + 25 FS | wager: 50x | code: SHODAN

T&Cs Apply
New customers only

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and any non-English version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall always prevail. 1.All and any bonuses are available to players from any countries unless otherwise stated. Players from Sweden (SE) are not eligible for bonus promotions. 2. All bonuses are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, Neteller etc), IP, and shared computer, e.g. public library or workplace.


One of the most well-known gambling games around, Bingo is won by marking off digits on a physical card while they are called out until you get a straight line, also known as a full house. The concept remains the same for online bingo games, except you mark the numbers off of a virtual board.

The advantage of digitizing anything is that you don’t have to adhere to the laws of the physical game. The different variances for online Bingo are the following:

90 Ball Bingo: Mimicking the traditional form of the game, this variation is played on a 9×3 grid with numbers from 1-90. Prizes are awarded to the first 3 winners. You win by getting all 15 numbers on your grid.

80 Ball Bingo: Also referred to as coverall bingo, you have a 4×4 grid with numbers from 1-80. The only prize goes to the first person who gets all 16 numbers.
75 Ball Bingo: Also referred to as pattern bingo, you play on a 5×5 grid with numbers from 1-75. This variation also has only one winner.
30 Ball Bingo: This variation is played at a much faster pace than the others. You play on a 3×3 grid with only 9 numbers. Your goal is to be the first to get all 9 numbers. Once again, this variation only has one winner.
Online bingo games may have different names and themes, but the rules are the same.

🎰 Honest online casinos for playing Bingo:


The aim of Blackjack is to beat the dealer. You do this by drawing a higher hand value than the dealer’s hand value, the dealer hands having a value of over 21, or by being the first to have a hand value of 21. You lose by having a hand value greater than 21, or the dealer’s hand value reaches 21 before yours.
All J, Q, K cards have a count of 10. All other cards have the same value as their numbers.
There are 3 types of online casino blackjack you can play:
–   Classic or American Blackjack: In this form of the game, the dealer receives the hole card before the move of the player.
–   Blackjack Switch: The new variation involves the player receiving two cards, and the game is played at a much faster speed.
–   European Blackjack: In this variance, the dealer gets the hole card after the player makes a move.
Hole carding refers to viewing the cards that are face down and hidden from view.

🎰 Suitable online casinos to play Blackjack:

DLX Casino

Welcome bonus 100% up to AU$ 150 + 100 free spins

T&Cs Apply
New customers only

All bonuses are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, Yandex, Qiwi etc), IP, and shared computer, e.g. public library or workplace.


$1080 on your first 3 deposits

T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Creating additional accounts to claim bonuses will be treated as bonus abuse and will lead to an account ban and funds will be confiscated. You are not able to claim this offer if you’ve already opened a Casino360 Sports account

T&Cs Apply
New customers only

The minimum deposit to receive the bonus is 20 €/$.


To play Craps, a player needs to roll two dice. Once that number is tallied, the player rolls again to try and get the same number before a 7 is rolled. The person that rolls the dice is called the shooter. A number the shooter needs to roll is referred to as the puck. 
When the puck number is rolled, it is considered to be ‘off,’ and the shooter rolls the dice again. This is known as the “come-out roll.” That signifies a new game. If the shooter fails to roll the same number as the come-out roll within seven rolls, they hand the dice to the next player.
There are several different craps bets. The most common are:
Pass line: This is the most common bet in craps as it is the easiest bet to make. It means you are betting on the shooter rolling a 7 or 11 before rolling a 2, 3, or 12 during the come-out roll. The bet stays alive as long as the dice don’t fall on any of the numbers.
Place bets: You can place bets throughout the game, but these are usually played when a point number has already been picked. Simply place a bet on a number that must be rolled prior to the shooter getting a 7.
Hard ways: This simply refers to a number rolled the hard way, i.e., both dice land on the same number. To win this bet, the two numbers must appear before a 7 is rolled by the shooter.

2 & 12: These are the most challenging numbers to land as only a few combinations can get these numbers. With the payout at 30:1, this is one of the most lucrative bets you can place.

🎰 New gorgeous online casinos to play Craps:


Keno has the same concept as a lottery where players guess a group of numbers between 1-80. It is an easy game to play. Hence, it has been eagerly adopted by many online punters.

Online casino Keno is incredibly user-friendly, with exciting graphics and fun sounds to add to the experience of the game. Plus, the game has a progressive jackpot meaning the longer it takes for a player to win, the larger the winning price becomes.
Here are some tips to help you play the game:
– Chose a sequence of numbers and play them over and over again. You will notice which numbers get called more often and which of them need to be dropped.
– Your payout chart tells you exactly what you need to achieve in order to win.
– Make sure to choose online casinos that give players bonuses as that will increase your winnings and game time.

🎰 Ideal new online casinos to play Keno:


Online Roulette is a simulated version of the table game where a small ball is dropped onto a rotating wheel with different numbers and colors. The aim is to place a bet on the number you believe the ball will remain on when the wheel stops spinning.

The three main variations of the game have subtle differences between them.

–   American Roulette: This version of the game has an additional green slot with an assigned value of double zero. This simply increases the chances of winning or losing.
–   French Roulette: The French version doesn’t have a double zero slot. It also has an even-money bet called La Partage. This rule helps to increase the odds the player has against the house. When a player places an even-money bet, and the ball happens to land on zero, they get back half of their wager back.
–   European Roulette: En Prison is a similar even-money bet in this version, with slightly more complex rules. If the ball falls on zero, the dealer puts a marker by the bet indicating it’s ‘in prison.’ When the wheel is spun again, if the ball falls on an even number, the player gets his entire previous bet. For example, if you bet $100 on ‘Even,’ the ball must first fall on zero and then on an even number for you to get back your $100 bet. If it doesn’t, you lose your $100.

🎰 Recommended new online casinos for playing Roulette:

Sic Bo

A game that’s been around for a long time, Sic Bo is played by players betting on the result of rolling three dice. The game is simple and highly dependent on luck.

Some important terms that you should know when playing online casino Sic Bo are: 

  • Any Double – Wagering that two of the three dice will land on the same number. Also known as Any Pair.
  • Any Triple – Wagering that all three dice will match
  • Big – Placing a wager that the result of the roll will be between 11 and 17
  • Birdcage – A game similar to Sic Bo, but with much worse odds. Also known as Chick-a-Luck or Grand Hazard
  • Cage – A device that tumbles or shakes the dice before they are thrown
  • Even – Wagering that the result of the roll will be an even number
  • Hi-Lo – A version of Sic Bo that is popular in the Philippines
  • Odd – Wagering that the result of a roll will be an odd number
  • Small – Wagering that the roll’s value will be between 4 and 10
  • Yaa Hah Hi – A version of Sic Bo from Macau with no numbers on the dice, symbols are used instead


🎰 Best New Online Casinos to Play Sic Bo:

Which online casino game has the highest chance of winning more money?

First of all, we need to clarify that there are no guaranteed ways of winning in gambling. However, there are certain things you need to be aware of to increase your chances of winning in the long term.

You need to be aware of what “house edge” is. 

Also referred to as the house advantage, the house edge is the percentage value of profit the online casino makes from a player’s bets. It is the average percentage a gambling site expects to win during the long term. For example, if the edge is 3.5%, players are expected to lose a minimum of $3.50. 

Using that logic, the higher the value of the house edge percentage, the more you can expect to lose as the player.

Here is a list of online casino games and their respective house edge. Looking at these, you will be able to determine which games you’d like to take your chances in.

–   Blackjack: 0.72%
–   Baccarat: 1.06%
–   Roulette: 1.35% (French roulette – 1.35%, European Roulette – 2.7%, American Roulette – 5.26%)
–   Craps: 1.4%
–   Poker: 2.5%
–   Sic Bo: 2.78%
–   Pokies: 4 – 8%
–   Keno: 18%


Which are the best online casino bonuses?

There are 6 types of bonuses to look for when choosing an online casino site to register with.

–   Free spins: No matter your experience level, it is always good to play at online casinos that give you the most free spins. That means that the site will provide you with a few hundred free plays on their pokie machine without affecting your deposit or having to bet any money.
–   Deposit Bonus: Usually for new players, when you register with a new online casino game, the site matches the amount of money you deposit into your online gambling account up to a certain dollar amount. Good online casinos usually combine the deposit bonus with a free spin bonus as well.
–   Reload bonus: This bonus entices players to keep returning to the same online casino site or a particular game. Similar to the deposit bonus, when a retuning player puts a certain amount in their gambling account, the site matches it up to a certain amount. 
–   Loyalty and VIP programs: Reputable online casino sites will reward players for consistently returning and playing with them. A VIP program will allow you to earn rewards in the form of prizes or money, depending on their loyalty program.
–   Bitcoin Bonus: As more and more industries start to embrace cryptocurrency, so have gambling companies. Players can now earn or play games by depositing bitcoin.
–   Pokies Exclusive: Since pokies are such a popular pass time with Aussie punters, some online casinos offer poker exclusive bonuses, which are usually cash bonuses to use on their slot machines. Using these in progressive slots will help to increase your potential jackpot winnings.

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