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Interview: BGaming Exec Alexandr Shavel Reflects on 2021 and Future Plans for Expansion


Head of BizDev Department, Alexandr Shalvel discusses how 2021 went for BGaming and what plans it has for the future.

What is BGaming Aiming for in 2022?

In 2021, we paid specific attention to the development of our network of partners. We went forth and made a lot of integrations with aggregators, operators, and platforms and looked for new approaches in that direction. As far as 2022 goes, we will definitely continue integrating more partners.

However, there are a lot of other things we really want to pay specific attention to. Games are obviously an integral part of what we do. We have various mathematicians and mechanics on our team and offer a lot of features that players really enjoy.

That is why we are really focusing on the needs of the operators and players, in addition to the games themselves. We are going this through jackpots, tournaments, and other tournaments that people can get involved in. In addition to this, we are also hoping to pay attention to our internal tools so that we can maximize the entire user experience of our clients.

Earlier in the year, customer service was launched, and it has already shown great results. It is more important now than ever to work with our customers. Another huge aim of ours for 2022 is to increase brand awareness and ensure BGaming is more visible on a global scale and within new markets.

How Does BGaming Look Back on 2021? Is It Fair to Describe It as a Breakthrough Year for the Company?

For the company, this was definitely a breakthrough year! We have made a record number of integrations over the past 12 months and have released many new games. We are very confident that our approach is very much appreciated by our partners.

We also recently launched a help centre for our clients. This has allowed us to find a successful strategy for situations that have arisen. This has helped us accelerate this process either twice as fast or even faster.

With each new game, BGaming becomes more and more appealing to players. We see that our platform and solutions are very flexible, modern, and quickly customizable to suit the market’s needs. However, it is important to remember that technical innovations are essentially impossible without passionate professionals.

For me personally, the biggest pride is our team. In only one year, we have doubled in size. I’m extremely glad that we have learned how to grow together quickly and efficiently.

What New Markets Are You Targeting? Is There a Huge Focus on LatAm, For Example?

The LatAm market will definitely be a big focus in 2022. It is one of the most promising regions for us. However, we aren’t just looking for new clients there. We are also looking to produce content specifically for it.

I truly believe that this approach is far more beneficial in the long term. At the same time though, we will continue to strengthen our position in Europe. In 2022, we are going to obtain roughly five more certificates for EU countries.

While it is a huge amount of work, we have already made great steps.

What Other Products Do You Have in the Pipeline?

Brand Exclusives is one of the key products right now. We are working hard to make it more interesting. This means we are adding new solutions to improve the games personalization and branding.

As an example, we offer not just branded games, but also slots for a specific audience of the operator. In some cases, this can be very useful. These solutions will affect both the Brand Exclusives category and the basic BGaming game package.

We also believe that the crypto projects audience will only continue to grow. That is why it is a main goal of ours to increase our presence in this area. We will be one step ahead as the first iGaming provider to support cryptocurrencies.

What Are Your Plans for ICE and How Excited Is the Company to be in London?

We have been attending offline events. To be honest, it was a breath of fresh air. Throughout the pandemic, we accumulated a lot of experience and we couldn’t wait to share it.

This is why we feel as if exhibitions in 2021 were very productive for us. Now that we have gone through it all, we are looking forward to returning to ICE. Of course, ICE London is the Bentley amongst iGaming shows.

In fact, it is the most influential and biggest event of the year where you can demonstrate all the greatest things you have been working on. We have produced the story of Elvis frog which has become very popular. London is yet to see it, as well as our new mechanics.

All new products will be included at the even alongside a special offer.

What Would Make a Successful 2022 for BGaming If You Had Three Wishes for Next Year?

The key to success is being passionate about what you do. If you have it, don’t wait for the New Year or Christmas to make a wish. In 2022, I would like BGaming to:

  • Enjoy every single achievement and don’t stop striving for more.
  • Successfully keep up with the incredible speed of growth we have reached.
  • Strengthen the team with new specialists that are passionate.

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