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Dominic Perrottet does not expect a threat from the club lobby

Date: 12.12.2022
Australian politician Dominic Perrottet said he does not expect any threats to stop slot machines in connection with the ClubsNSW campaign. Earlier, some deputies were warned by a lobbying group about actions against them. This was due to the fact that the clubs were exposed by the campaign against Helen Dalton.

The NSW premier says he does not expect the club lobby to threaten cooperation on new gambling reforms. Although earlier the lobby stated that it would campaign against those deputies who spoke out against the sector.

Perott noted that it is more important for him and his government to solve a major public problem than to focus on how someone sows fear and lies.

Earlier MP Murray sided with religious groups, community groups and a coalition of independent government politicians who are trying to reform the gambling industry. After that, on December 12, details of the campaign against Helen Dalton were released. Against the backdrop of these events, Perrottet made his comment the same day.

Previously, Helen Dalton was an MP for the Arrows, Fishermen and Farmers party. As part of the campaign, the lobbying group plans to distribute posters reading “Helen, your attack on local clubs is wrong.” They want to cover the entire area of her electorate with posters.

The posters explain why the reform is detrimental to the population. One game card is said to replace 503 jobs and reduce community support by 3.6 million. However, the evidence for this lobby claim has never been released to the public.

ClubsNSW CEO Josh Landis shared his vision of the situation. He told the Daily Telegraph that the lobbying group plans to expand campaigns against MPs. The campaigns are aimed at those politicians who were opponents of the clubs after the Prime Minister of the state announced his desire to introduce a cashless card game.

Clubs in New South Wales are now subject to a reduced tax rate on poker machine profits thanks to ClubsGrants. In return, institutions donate part of their income to public needs.

The comments were seen as a desire to rebuff the prime minister’s initiative to prevent the introduction of a cashless gaming card. Although Perrottet had reason to take the initiative. Such a proposal came after the publication of a report in which all operations in the casino were investigated and analyzed. The Commission for the Investigation of Crimes discovered the fact of money laundering for several billion dollars.

The government has not yet officially commented on the published report. ClubsNSW was able to speak out openly, criticizing the initiative and stating that it would result in job losses.

The Prime Minister responded to this speech. He replied to the club lobby that he and his government were not afraid of any accusations and threats. No matter what happens, they won’t back down.

Perrotti noted that neither he nor his participants will bend under someone’s threats and accusations. The purpose of government is to do the right thing, the right thing, no matter what others say. One of the priorities of the prime minister and the authorities is to solve a serious public problem: the laundering of millions of dollars.

Party leader Paul Toole opposed the Prime Minister’s initiative. He noted the lack of a sufficient technological base for the introduction of cashless gaming cards.

The launch of the gambling reform was attended by Dalton and Keith Fehrmann, an MP from the Green Party. The reform is led by 3 associations:

  • Wellsey mission
  • Sydney Anglican Diocese
  • United Church of New South Wales

They all want the introduction of a cashless game card and the implementation of an independent self-exclusion registry.

Dalton noted that she herself faced problems related to gambling in her area. In her opinion, the clubs had a hard time during covid and flooding. In order to successfully get on their feet, establishments turn to local deputies. Clubs need support, not new obstacles that threaten the operation of institutions.

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