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An experienced player will feel comfortable in almost any online casino. Experience allows you to learn not only the functionality and rules of games, but also get used to special game terms. After checking hundreds of casinos in detail, as well as studying online chats of players, we decided to collect the most frequently used terms and slang words especially for you, so that beginners can understand not only other interlocutors, but also technical support. administrators as soon as possible.

Glossary – the most frequently used terms, first of all, save time when communicating, help to understand each other faster, and also get even more pleasure from the game, because once on the casino site, a person simply switches to another world and can fully focus on bonuses, jackpots and winnings.

Top most used casino terms

Gamblers slang Meaning
 Action  You may hear this word from the side of the dealer while playing blackjack, slots, or betting on roulette. As the name suggests, this word means that it’s time to act, that is, all players are waiting for your decision, whether it be a bet or a fold. Now it’s your turn to act.
 Bankroll  In casino circles, you will find two types of bankroll, some gamblers call the allocated amount working money, while others consider the bankroll limit for one visit to the casino. Such a limit is set by the players themselves, that is, it is a certain amount through which it is impossible to go in case of a loss.
 To buy in The amount of entry to the table of a certain game, which means that before the start of the game session with the money that is already in your personal account at the casino, you must buy chips. For example, whoever wins more chips at the end of the game will be able to exchange them for money. You cannot take part in tournaments without buying chips, some casinos invite you to tournaments with a double buy-in, that is, if you lose the first chips, you may be given an additional chance to continue playing, and the total bank increases.
 Stake/Stake Limit  The size of one bet per spin, or per round in roulette, as well as the limit in cards. Some games do not have this restriction, so you should check the game summary before participating.
 Cage cashiers  A special virtual place in the casino’s personal account, where the player can see the number of chips that he managed to win, as well as the general state of the account at a particular moment. The tab is the link between the account and the games. In some casinos, players are encouraged not to buy chips, but to immediately play for money. But, according to our research, we can state with confidence that the use of chips is much more interesting. On the other hand, they are more commonly used in knockout card tournaments. For example, in Sit-and-Go it is more convenient to play for money.
 Card cheat  In an online casino, scammers will not succeed, since the entire system is under strict control. Another thing is when a professional player is mistaken for a cheater, or a person is temporarily in this position, since he is very lucky. Most often, out of fear, other players decide to leave such tables, we, of course, do not recommend doing this, since everyone has the same chances of luck.
¬†Washing cards ¬†Fortunately, the powder is not used. A dealer, or a robot that works according to a special algorithm, or a special device in land-based casinos for shuffling cards. Some players use the slang word ‚Äúlaundry‚ÄĚ.
 Chips  If you have ever watched poker or blackjack matches, or played roulette, you have probably noticed how players use special coins when making bets. Chips come in different colors, they can have clarifying symbols, this helps to distinguish the denomination of each chip. In an online casino, the risk of betting a dirty stack is zero.
 Major player  A player who prefers to play big because where there are big risks, there are more chances to win more money.
 One-armed bandit  The old term used to be that you had to press a lever to start the car. Now buttons are used for this. The term is already obsolete, but some fans of the classics continue to use it.
 Bingo  A game in which the player needs to guess the numbers, the more numbers matched, the higher the winning amount.
 Bet or wager  It is necessary to fulfill certain wagering conditions in order for the entire amount from the bonus account to be transferred to the main account for withdrawal.
 Re-spin A very interesting feature of slot machines, sometimes it can happen that on 5 reels out of 6 the same symbols match along the line, and to win a huge amount you need one more symbol. Some machines in this case allow you to scroll only one reel. It is probably not worth explaining what emotions the player experiences at the same time.
 Incline A special state of the player, this term is more commonly used in poker. Tilt is characterized by increased nervousness, usually this condition occurs after a major loss. In this position of the psyche, a person loses control over the situation, begins to play aggressively, makes rash bets, most often the loss of control leads to collapse.
 RNG A special algorithm based on which all online casinos operate. Guarantees equal chances for all players. Prior to issuing licenses, RNG is carefully reviewed by regulatory authorities.
 River After the third hand, when all parties have already finished trading at the table. The fifth, and therefore the last card dealt by the dealer when playing poker Hold’em is laid out. To go to the river means to be ready to end the game.
 21 Also called blackjack, a 21-point combination of cards.
 Stiff Or a bad hand, a combination of low value cards also used in blackjack.
 Retrigger When scatters reappear on some slots, the player gets another chance to use free spins.
 RTP This indicator is the first thing that newly arrived players on the gambling platform are looking for. It shows how good the return of slot machines is, most often the indicators are in the range of 95-99%, but even machines with a low RTP are able to give out winnings more often than those with a higher RTP.
 Rigged The worst thing that a particularly inexperienced player can face is that if he does not detect cheating in time, he may lose even more money. That is why we recommend our readers to follow the latest news of our site in order to avoid fraudulent schemes.
 Factor A bonus round in slot machines, thanks to which, even without getting a jackpot, the amount of winnings begins to grow progressively, sometimes reaching an increase of x100+ from the base bet.
 Standing hand A hand in blackjack where there is a high risk of busting when trying to take another card. Starts with 17 points.
 Snake eyes This is when one point on each die falls out in the bones, from the side such a combination looks like a snake’s eye.
 Cash out A joyful event for the player, as the winnings will soon be transferred to the card and it can be spent for your own pleasure.
 House advantage The percentage that the casino takes from each bet describes the mathematical advantage of the gambling house in relation to the commissions from the activity of the players.
 Free spins One of the most favorite treats among gamblers. They allow you to spin the reels of slots on the same winning conditions, but completely free of charge. Sometimes free spins are used in free games, usually as a result of spins, the user receives free invitation tickets to tournaments.
 Wild symbol On the lines of the reels, Wild replaces any one symbol/picture, which increases the player’s chances of winning.
 Sticky wild An improved version of the previous bonus, because, unlike the regular wild, the symbol is not just used in one line, but maintains its position over several spins.
 Live casino Everyone wants to feel like in Las Vegas, so a live casino with real dealers helps customers find their own style of play and experience new sensations. Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Sic Bo, Baccarat, Keno. In addition to card games, thanks to live dealers, you can take part in real live bingo shows.
 Progressive jackpot Even professional players still cannot decide which slots are better, progressive or fixed jackpots. On the one hand, in progressive jackpots, each new bet deducts a certain percentage of the total winnings, due to which the amounts become more and more attractive, and at one moment the jackpot is reset to zero, and all this huge amount goes into the hands of only one lucky person.
In fixed jackpots, the frequency of winnings is higher, but the amounts are much smaller.
 Software provider The company that is responsible for digital casino games. The more brands on one portal, the richer the choice for the client. It is important to understand that only a few casinos have their own authored games, mostly casino sites buy the rights to rent from the magnates of this market.
 LVT Lottery video terminal, a platform on which prizes will be drawn.
 Game session The time spent by the user from the time they entered the online casino site to the time they logged out.
 Playgrounds When playing roulette, there are several types of bets Black / Red, Even / Odd, First, third and second group of numbers, as well as zero or double zero. Depending on the bet or their combination, when the required number falls out, the amount of the bet is multiplied by the coefficient.
 Optimal Strategy Individual plan for each player. For example, in poker, you can play aggressively, balanced, or passively. In slots, each client has his own algorithm of actions, one of them is when, after losing by 10 bets, the player increases the bet amount and plays another 20 spins. This approach allows you to correct past mistakes.
 Demo version An online casino section where the player can experience all the games, even without registering and verifying an account. As a currency, the casino issues special coins. We strongly recommend that you spend a couple of hours playing this mode, it will give you confidence if you want to play for real money.
 Kicker The highest card, most often an ace or king, allows you to win at the poker table, provided that no one has a combination.
 Time bank The reserve time in an online casino can be 30 seconds. Allows you to activate the reserve in order to better consider your actions regarding the acceptance or raise of the bet, or to fold, even if there is a combination in the hand that, in the opinion of the player, may be weaker than the opponent’s combination.
 Opening At the moment when the players reveal their cards on the table, the one with the higher combination takes the pot. By the results of the showdown, you can also determine whether the opponent was bluffing or not, and take this into account in the next rounds. Players who decide to fold before the showdown will keep their strategy secret.
 Inspector In the case of an online casino, this is the administrator who monitors the progress of the games and also makes sure that the players do not use bots or malware.
 Ludomania An officially registered diagnosis, in which a person is no longer able to control his actions and plan finances, as a result, personality degradation occurs, and the player himself finds himself in debt and constantly experiencing depression.
 Retreat It depends on the user’s personal decision, the calculation of the return starts from the moment of a big win, if the client decides to play with the money already won.
 Match frequency Percentage of guessing winning combinations
 Features All bonuses, offers and innovations that the casino uses to entertain customers.
 Anchor The blackjack player who makes the final decision at the table.
 All in A player’s decision to bet everything they have. Sometimes this tactic is used as a frightening maneuver, it is part of the aggressive game, but if it does not work, you can lose everything.
 Cold slot According to the players, this is a machine that has not given out winnings for a long time, but if the slot started paying, it became hot.

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