New Australian Bitcoin Casinos

How to start playing in a casino for bitcoins?

  • You need to register a wallet on the bitcoin site, at this stage you will need an SSD disk to load a block of all transactions, after which you will have a personal client.
  • A faster way is to register an online wallet on a third-party service, in this case the financial management menu is simpler, but since the service acts as an intermediary, your money will be with the intermediary. However, casinos prefer to cooperate only with proven services, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • After registration, you need to buy bitcoins, this can be done both on the exchange from counterparties, and in a virtual exchanger at the current rate for that day.
  • Now it’s time to choose a casino that, on the main page or in the description, indicates that it accepts cryptocurrency.
  • You need to register an account and make a deposit. In the reviews published on our website, you will find the best crypto casinos with fair payouts.

Australian Bitcoin Casino

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary electronic currency that works on the Peer-to-Peer system. A decentralized cryptographic system, the network was launched in 2009. For security reasons, the developers hid their names from the public, as they already understood that the blockchain system would become a serious alternative to the classical financial market. In 2010, 10,000 bitcoins could buy two pizzas; now, the same amount of bitcoins can buy more than 380 cars worth one million each.

Although some experts are still skeptical about this type of money, since December 2020, Bitcoin has simply skyrocketed and has not yet fallen below $32,000, and the peak was recorded on November 12, 2021, when one coin was worth $64,000. Against the backdrop of these events, Venezuela recognized currency at the state level, in addition, in dozens of countries, users will have no problems using these coins as a means of payment, and the richest businessmen in the world keep a significant part of their millions in bitcoins.

Why should users be interested in a Bitcoin casino?

Unlike standard payment methods, the use of cryptocurrencies and wallets connected to the blockchain system is much more convenient for replenishing accounts and withdrawing money from online casinos, especially in terms of the speed of such operations. Also, thanks to cryptocurrency, you can make deposits even in those countries where banks block such operations, and the commission percentage is many times less or completely absent.

How to make a deposit with bitcoins?

  • Initially, you need to check with the administrator of the service where you decided to open a wallet, if there are any restrictions on managing your funds in relation to depositing cryptocurrency casino accounts.
  • After registering in a crypto casino, you need to click on the “make a deposit” button.
  • From the proposed payment systems (sometimes there are more than 20), find exactly your service.
  • Specify the transfer amount and enter the data requested by the system to complete the transaction.
  • Confirm the transfer, wait for the funds to be credited to your personal account, after which you can start hunting for serious winnings.

How to withdraw with bitcoins

  • Check the availability of funds on the casino account, if a big win has not yet been credited, contact technical support to speed up the process.
  • In the output field, you must enter the number of the Crypto wallet.
  • Specify the amount to be withdrawn from the casino account to your crypto wallet;
  • Click “confirm” the operation.
  • Soon you will receive several notifications, both from the playground and from the payment service.

Bitcoin deposit bonuses

Abo Casino Supports several bonuses, the most generous on the first and third deposits. In case of replenishment of the account with bitcoins in the equivalent of at least 20 USDT, the player receives another 100% on top. With the promo code SPINS, depending on the amount of the deposit, you can get up to 100 free spins.
Spinnalot The most generous free spins bonus is 225 spins on your first deposit of $90 in bitcoin equivalent. The player also receives weekend bonuses and special offers on Wednesdays.
Vegaz Casino 100The first code will add another 100% to the first bonus of at least 5 mBTC. The maximum bonus is 150%.
Queenspins Apply a multi-stage bonus system: the first – 100%; 2nd and 3rd 50%; 4/6 another 50%; bonuses for Friday and Wednesday, as well as a special offer of 30% for amounts from $1000 to $2000, that is, in the end you get up to $2600 instead of $2000.
Sons of Slots Australian crypto casino with a minimum bonus of 100%, but if you visit the site more often, the player will see special offers with a time limit, some promotions can even be considered freebies.

Bitcoin deposit fee

When working with bitcoins, the best crypto-casinos do not take additional commissions, in return, the service in which you have chosen to register an E-wallet cannot work without commissions, because otherwise it simply could not exist.

The standard Skrill Neteller deposit fee is 2.5%. When making other transactions, the percentage can vary from 0% to 6%, depending on what you want to do, exchange currency or replenish your casino account.

ecoPayz claims to have the lowest fees when dealing with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the fee ranges from 1.69%-6%, but for some channels the rate can be 0%, which is why you need to clarify the percentage before making any transactions rates in the user agreement of both the casino and the selected service.

Neosurf also cooperates with cryptocurrencies, and for fans of crypto online casinos, this service offers even more profitable offers – only 2%. It can be assumed that the company chose such a policy in order to win over as many customers as possible from competitors.

UPayCard – cooperates with 5 types of cryptocurrencies, any operations can be performed on fairly favorable terms, only 0.9-1% of the transfer amount, with the exception of express transfers, since there you will have to pay 2% to the service.

One important feature of all the listed sites is the minimum amount of one transaction, that is, as in the case of minimum deposits on bitcoin casino sites, it is simply unprofitable for the site to make penny transfers. Most often, the limits are only 10-20 dollars, so these are quite favorable conditions.

Are bitcoin transactions secure?

First, bitcoin transactions are 2-3% cheaper than using debit and credit cards. Also, the use of cryptocurrency is safer for the following reasons:

  • The blockchain system is created by a cryptography professional, so all transactions are encrypted;
  • You can view the history of monetary transactions, including those of others, but all users are guaranteed anonymity;
  • Decentralized coin, in the sense that money is not stored in a specific place, it is everywhere, all thanks to a special system consisting of hundreds of thousands of nodes;
  • Bitcoin does not have a regulatory body, the currency develops completely freely in accordance with market events, no one has the ability to artificially influence the price of a cryptocoin, especially the state.

Which countries accept bitcoin gambling transactions?

When studying this issue, our experts identified two key points:

  • In your country, playing at an online casino should be considered legal.
  • Bitcoin transactions must be allowed in your region.

However, such a policy is not at all beneficial for those who consider themselves “citizens of the world”, and in some countries, such as the United States, it is necessary to register with the financial criminal in order to work with crypto. security systems, as well as accounting.

England – for trading currency on the blockchain, you must pay income tax.

The black list includes such countries as: Ecuador, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan.

In other countries, no one is interested in cryptocurrencies, or rather, there are no special restrictions in this matter, the same applies to Australia, where the Reserve Bank of Australia does not consider cryptocurrencies to be money at all, which is why it is so easy and convenient for players to play in Australian crypto casinos.

Which countries ban bitcoin gambling?

Vietnam It allows you to buy crypto as a virtual asset, but prohibits the use of bitcoin as a currency, there is even a fine for this.
China Individuals can own cryptocurrencies, but legal entities are prohibited from doing so.
Turkey The decision of the authorities in 2021 to introduce a ban on cryptocurrencies led to the collapse of the country’s largest exchange, $ 2 billion was “stuck” in the accounts.
Bahrain Prohibits investments in cryptocurrencies.
Israel Allows you to use bitcoin as an asset.
Russia Prohibits payments and advertising of virtual coins. But having bitcoins in wallets is not forbidden.

Pros of Bitcoin

  • Hacking a wallet or identifying a user is very difficult;
  • The best bitcoin casinos in Australia welcome such customers;
  • Less restrictions on transactions;
  • No betting limits;
  • Less costs when launching platforms;
  • Cryptocurrency casino privacy;
  • Fast withdrawal of money.

Cons of bitcoin

  • Prejudice among skeptics;
  • Not all casinos are willing to accept bitcoin;
  • exchange rate instability;
  • Attractive niche for scammers.

Bitcoin Casino Software Providers

Developers supply bitcoin casino games regardless of the currency the platform prefers to work with. The gaming software itself calculates the odds according to pre-set algorithms. For online bitcoin casinos in Australia, SoftSwiss is very popular. The company originates in 2008, the Ruby technological platform is used as the core, although there are fewer games than their counterparts, but they are of the highest quality.

Among the software of other manufacturers, it will be a good sign if you find the following brands on the casino sites:

  • BetOnSoft
  • Rival
  • NetEnt
  • Novomatic
  • CasinoWebScripts
  • BTG Gaming
  • Viaden
  • Best game
  • Digital Gaming Solutions
  • Amaya Gaming
  • Pragmatic gam

Bitcoin Alternatives for Online Casino Payments

Bitcoin was undoubtedly a pioneer, but since then other virtual coins have emerged and established their position in the market. Unfortunately, there are more of them than the market requires, so we recommend focusing only on the most popular ones:

Etherum is the second most important cryptocurrency, appeared in 2014, the founder is Vitalik Buterin.

Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin created by Charles Lee, launched in 2011 and has steadily gained popularity among competitors.

Theter – works with the USDT coin, the rate is regulated by the Bitfinex platform, the price of one coin corresponds to the market price of the dollar in the world.

Dogecoin – the developers themselves did not really believe in the success of this project and, of course, they were wrong. Appeared in 2013, according to the data for 2021, the turnover was 130 billion dollars.

When visiting a bitcoin casino, our team strongly recommends that each casino personally check what cryptocurrency this establishment works with.

Online bitcoin casino Australia is the best place to have fun

The love of gambling is what unites all players from all over the world. Over the years, professional players have managed to develop their own unique tactics, someone prefers to hide such information, and someone, on the contrary, willingly shares advice on the network. Unlike other regions, Bitcoin casinos are a great place for Australian users to experiment.

The fact is that New Zealand and Australian users try to play as often as possible in order to earn the title of VIP users. Having this status allows you to play more safely, as the chance of getting another no deposit bonus, more free spins, and the opportunity to participate in large satellites is significantly increased.

A VIP-level user receives special bonuses every day, even the administration puts such people on their white lists. Our team of experts has occasionally been able to obtain the consent of such people to participate in a special survey. We were able to notice that experienced players have a unique character, and they also know how to plan their finances, know when to play big and when to take a break. While we are studying the gameplay, the functionality of the games and checking the casino for honesty. Premium level players are hard at work developing their gaming instincts. Therefore, it is among the pro players that there are so many really big victories in the form of fabulous winnings.

We will continue to accumulate useful information, analyze it and help our readers to better navigate the gambling industry.


❔ Do I need a wallet to start playing with bitcoins?

✅ Yes. Trillions of dollars are pouring into the system, it is natural that such a service can guarantee the safety of customers’ savings, only with the use of encrypted wallets.

❔ How legal are the best bitcoin casinos?

✅ For residents of Australia, there are no restrictions on the game, and thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, users can take risks without any problems.

❔ How to play live bitcoin casino?

✅ Those who are already familiar with the gameplay of casino games are well aware that users of crypto wallets can use all the functionality of gambling entertainment providers without any exceptions.

❔ If you use cryptocurrency as a deposit, how will this affect the welcome bonus?

✅ When playing in Australian crypto casinos, users who prefer to use VISA/Mastercard receive the same bonuses as cryptocurrency users. However, when you fund your account with bitcoins, the welcome bonus will be credited faster, as e-wallets allow faster deposits.

❔ Are there any restrictions when playing on a smartphone or tablet?

✅ No. The new bitcoin casinos are mobile friendly, so you can download the original software directly from the platform website or from portals like Google Play and the AppStore if the gambling site has such agreements.

❔ Do I need to create another profile if I want to start playing only with cryptocurrency?

✅ No. In a bitcoin casino, one profile supports different deposit methods, if you used bank transfers before and now want to switch to bitcoin, then just enter new payment details when depositing.

❔ Can my wallet be hacked?

✅ New crypto casinos and their earlier competitors never store customer funds in one virtual place, account information is also divided into blocks, it is almost impossible to break through such protection, and even more so blockchain protection.

❔ What should I do if I have doubts about the safety of my money?

✅ The best bitcoin casinos work great with small deposits as well, which means that you don’t need to accumulate large sums at all either in the casino cashier or in cryptocurrency accounts. Withdraw small amounts from $10 24/7 without limits.

❔ If I managed to snatch a large amount, what is the best way to withdraw it?

✅ We are not authorized to give you advice that may not seem entirely legal. But if you have taken a close look at the pros and cons of bitcoin casinos in Australia, we think the answer is pretty obvious.

❔ When to test the casino, is it free?

✅ You will not be able to claim the bitcoin casino bonus if you only play in the demo version. On the other hand, it is testing games without a deposit that helps to really evaluate the functionality of the casino, to study the betting system, types of paylines and game rules.

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