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Casino Ville Charged with Unauthorized Junket

Date: 12.12.2022
Casino Ville is located in North Queensland in Townsville. He received a fine from the Liquor and Gambling Regulatory Authority. The reason was the use of drugs in the process of attracting players.


The lawsuit was sent to the Federal Court. It was about bringing the casino to administrative responsibility. The basis was the investigation, which was jointly conducted by the regulatory authorities of the states of Queensland and New South Wales. The investigation has been ongoing since September 2019. As a result of the audit, Star Casino received a $100 million fine. In addition to the fine, the casino’s license will be suspended for 90 days if it does not make the necessary changes by December 2023.

lawsuit OLGR

The Liquor and Gambling Regulatory Authority (OLGR) believes that all agreements between casinos and the government, including junket agreements, must be respected. The Authority expects establishments in Queensland to comply with the law, ethics and morality. OLGR will monitor how casinos comply with the rules and the law. It is important that violations for non-compliance with laws are commensurate with the severity of the event and serve as a signal to all casinos that such activity is unacceptable.

The managers of Ville Casino will have to appear in court next January.

$10,000 fine

Another casino, Reef in Cairns, was also investigated. As a result, the establishment was fined $10,000. This violated the Casino Control Act.

An OLGR spokeswoman said the fine issued by the Reef court is a shining example for other institutions. If they do not comply with the law, OLGR will take action. To carry out the reforms, the state bodies have appointed a special administrator.

Casino Information

Ville is a casino that has been operating since 1980. Its headquarters are in Queensland, Townsville. The institution provides 370 slots, more than 20 table games, as well as a Keno number lottery.

The Reef Hotel & Casino has been operating since 1996. The headquarters is located in Queensland, Cairns City. There are many board games on site. Reef features the following games:

  • Black Jack;
  • baccarat;
  • sic-bo;
  • money wheel.

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